eBay Sales and Inventory Spreadsheet

eBay SpreadsheetIs eBay sales tracking keeping you up at night? We can fix that too! The eBay Sales and Expense Spreadsheet was created with the eBay seller in mind. Keep your inventory, sales and expenses all in one document! You will know at a glance if your items are paying you or if you are paying eBay! Features:

  • Monthly pages
  • Carry-over inventory page
  • Calculates eBay and Paypal fees


  • Know at a glance how long your items have been listed
  • Fully customizable so it fits with how you do business
  • Shows you profit per item and per month, so helps you fine tune your product sourcing and auction timing
  • Will save you time and money at tax time, because all the information you need will be in one place
  • Your bookkeeper, accountant or tax professional will love this easy-to-share, organized document.

Price: $30