365 Buyer Message Monitoring

Are You Feeling Trapped …

Monitoring Buyer Messages?


You face realities that other businesses don’t deal with. Buyers expect you to be working when everyone else is playing.

Instead of going outside to enjoy a Saturday afternoon do you stay inside and reply to that buyer who thinks that you sent them the wrong item?

Let us handle your buyer messages so you can go outside and enjoy life:

  • We check accounts twice a day so that you never get dinged by Amazon for not answering messages within 24 hours.
  • Avoid black marks on your metrics that could affect your account health.
  • Ebay buyers can leave messages complaining about anything. We’ll respond!

Many of our Amazon clients also sell on other platforms so we’ll monitor all your platforms and handle all your buyer messages: Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc….

We’ll Monitor Your Messages:

Days / Year

Hours / Day

Times Each Day

Do you get messages like these at 1 AM on Saturday morning?

They expect you to answer right away, … don’t they! 🙁

Buyers are irrational and frustrating. We wish that we could change them and help them realize that you have a life and that your business can’t be open all the time even when Amazon or Ebay is. Don’t let these frustrating messages keep you from having a life.

Never waste your Saturday morning …

replying to frustrating buyer messages!

We have staff that work those crazy hours so you don’t have to. We have you covered!

Go ahead and stay out late on Friday night … AND sleep in on Saturday morning!

With daily response …

We’ll keep your buyers happy, every day.

Obviously it’s not just Saturday morning that you have buyers hounding you for answers. It’s also during the busiest part of your work week, and when you have to go to the dentist, and when you are sleeping.

No matter when it is, we have your back. We monitor your buyers replies twice a day, 365 days a year, to ensure their questions are addressed and your business runs smoothly.

Get A Life …

Leave your Buyer Message Monitoring to us!

This exclusive service is available to all our Amazon Account Maintenance clients.

Our clients love the fact that we take the hassle out of running their Amazon business.

We are all about giving you back your time by handling the frustrating side of this business.