Affiliate Program

Affiliate ProgramPromote Our Services – Make Passive Income

If you rub shoulders with Amazon sellers you can create a healthy stream of income by becoming one of our affiliates.

To succeed all you need is the ability to reach out to the type of business that uses our services. That means the people running mainstream businesses through Amazon rather than those doing Retail Arbitrage. If you have a circle of people who are running a business that distributes through Amazon we want to talk with you.


Have a Chat and Become an Affiliate

For affiliate payment structure and to see if this will be a good fit please book a free consultations with Karen Locker to discuss the details.


Get Your Affiliate Link

Once you have the go ahead to work with us, simply join using these links. We offer two services for affiliates to promote. Once you sign up we’ll finish off the configuration on the back end and let you know that you can go ahead and begin promoting our services.

Click here for:
Amazon Account Maintenance Affiliate Link

Click here for:
Multi-Platform Listings Affiliate Link


How It Works

An affiliate link tracks your leads that turn into sales. Our affiliate platform gives you a UNIQUE link that sends your leads to one sales page on our site which is a page used by all our affiliates.

Your Affiliate Link will look something like this: https://yourusername.krtra.com/t/5ImpljafTnrX

What’s powerful about this link is that it does NOT reference our website at all. This means that even if you don’t embed the link people won’t be able to shorten the link and go directly to our website to check us out and accidentally cut you out of the loop. You will always get credit for each referral that uses this link.

These affiliate links redirect people to a sales page on our site such as:

Amazon Account Maintenance

Multi-Platform Listings

How to Login Once You Are An Affiliate


How to Get Paid

You won’t be able to see your earnings and receive payment until you set up your payment method. Please configure PayPal within your affiliate account following these steps:

Payment Configuration 1

Payment Configuration 2

Payment Configuration 3

We will manually pay you each month that you have affiliate commissions owed.

How to Market

A Page on Your Website:

For example you could do something like this – https://yourwebsite.com/solutions4ecommerce/

On this page have your web developer create a button or other link technology using your Affiliate Link. Leads that click this link will automatically be directed to our sales page where they will find the details of what we offer.

Our landing page message is designed to convert people. We keep the marketing message for the product fresh. Because we take responsibility for the sale and for ensuring the details of the offer are current, you never need to try to sell the features or benefits on your page. This will free you up to focus on recommending and redirecting people to our page using your affiliate link.

The most powerful thing you can do on your page is to offer your own recommendation as to why you believe your people should use our service. Using video and copy you can tell them your story and encourage them to click the link that will take them to our site.

The beauty of having this page on your site is that you will always be promoting your brand and controlling how you direct people to our site. In any conversation you have with your people, it is better to tell them to go to your own site. They know you, and trust you, and remember you. After all, they may be hesitant to go to our site and may not remember the name of our website if it’s their first time hearing about who we are.

Your Email Marketing:

In your marketing messages you can use the following copy and embed your affiliate link in it in any way you want, which will take your leads to our sales page and assign that lead to you.

Solutions4ecommerce LLC – Ecommerce Multi-Platform Experts with over 10 years of experience in all aspects of ecommerce Management for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, etc…. Their main product is Amazon Account Maintenance which promises to give you back your time by handling the administrative aspects of your Amazon account. These are usually the things that suck up all your time, such as correcting suppressed and stranded listings, reviewing listing enhancements to maintain compliance, opening cases with Amazon, managing unfulfillable inventory and reconciling returns. They are not a reimbursement business but will do what they can to help you get as many reimbursements as possible.

Contact us if you have any further questions or would like to discuss a promotional idea.