Amazon Account Maintenance

Monthly Account Maintenance Packages to Help Manage Your Amazon Store

The goal here at Solutions4Ecommerce is to free up your time, allowing you to focus on what’s important to your business… the profits! And what is important to you, TIME… for your lifestyle, your family or lounging by the pool.

We manage the majority of your back office tasks including interacting with Amazon Seller Support.

Scope of work for Basic and Above Account Maintenance Packages:

5 Days a Week your Account Specialist will:

Review Feedback and request removal for negative and neutral feedback, up to the 2 allowed appeals, per client preferences
Review the Case Log for Amazon responses and closed cases
Review for unauthorized Disposal Orders

2x a Week Your Specialist will:

Correct Stranded items to make them available for sale, or a case will be opened to work with Amazon to resolve the issue
Review Unfulfillable Items, and open cases for carrier and distributor damaged items, creating removal orders for all customer damaged and defective items, opening a case if an item is unavailable for removal after second review in a week
Update items in the Listing Enhancements to include Amazon requested information for all items with available inventory in the FBA warehouse
Update Suppressed Listings to include Amazon requested information for all items with available inventory in the FBA warehouse
Review Shipping Queue for inbound shipments where Amazon did not mark as received the number of units shipped by the client. Inventory reconciliation cases will be opened for all overages and shortages on the 1st date allowed by Amazon

Additional Scope of work for Enhanced and Premier Account Maintenance Packages:

2x a Week Your Specialist will:

Review Voice of the Customer page email recommendations to address any issues
Review your Account Health: suspected IP violations will be addressed by editing the listing if possible, all other policy issues will be emailed recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

Other included services available:
Deleting old product listings per client specifications
Creating removal orders for older inventory per client specifications
Hiding restock recommendations from Amazon per client specifications
Upon receipt of images, opening cases for any returns the seller has received back that is not the original product, or in clothing and apparel items that have obviously been worn not just tried on
Opening cases for any items a seller receives back from Amazon as a excessive inventory removal that is no longer in sellable condition
Filing Safe-T-Claims
Additional tracking sheets as requested
Client requested specialized needs – May be available, all requests must be pre-approved and may incur additional fees.

All Package Include Reimbursement Services Below:

Monthly your Account Specialist will review your account and open cases for reimbursement.

Review to include:
Refunded items not returned
Exchanged items not returned
Refunds exceeding purchase price
Shipping Queue – An inventory reconciliation case will be opened for all overages and shortages on the 1st date allowed by Amazon.

This work is generally completed 60 days past occurrence due to Amazon time restrictions.
Example: On or after June 15th we would reconcile the month of April for the majority of the reimbursements, since Amazon requires 45 days before requesting reimbursement.