Stranded listings on Amazon are a thorn in the side of every ecommerce seller on the platform. They happen, and it is up to you to find them and then correct them.

First, let us define exactly what a stranded listing on Amazon is:

Stranded inventory is inventory in a fulfillment center that does not have an active offer on Amazon.

How Does Stranded Inventory Happen?

Pricing errors render a product unable to sell on Amazon. One of the more common errors is not meeting Amazon’s “Fair Market pricing” or your price is above or below the minimums you set for the product.

Suspended Listing is another common reason for stranded inventory. As most sellers know a listing can be suspended for a myriad of reasons on Amazon. Since it can take some time to find and fix the issue that initially caused the suspension, the inventory is stranded in the FBA center until the listing is reinstated. Also, any offers on that listing are not reactivated by default, so you will need to relist your units.

How to Fix Your Stranded Listings on Amazon

Before you can fix your listings, you must find them. Amazon Seller Central provides a Stranded Inventory Report. To access this report, navigate to: Seller Central > Inventory > Manage Inventory > Fix Stranded Inventory. You will see a table list of your stranded listings and your options.

To fix your stranded inventory, you first need to determine what caused Amazon to deactivate your listing, brand restrictions, pricing error, or suspended listing, then you can take a stab at correcting it.

This may not always be easy to decipher either, so dig in for a bit, grab a cuppa of your favorite beverage, perhaps try some meditation to increase your patience.

Here are some common steps to attempt to correct your stranded listings based on the most common issues:

  • Change the Price: Hit the MAP or minimum and consider setting up price alerts to avoid this situation in the future.
  • Check your inventory file and edit the product attributes or correct missing required attributes.
  • Re-upload the listing.
  • Delete it and rebuild it.
  • Contact Seller Support and request assistance to correct your issue, wait for them to assist you.
  • Apply to sell the brand if available.
  • Put in a removal or disposal order for the inventory.
  • If the item is not showing FBA, change it to FBA.
  • Use a third-party solution to monitor and correct your stranded inventory and reserve your sanity.

There you have it. The myriad of reasons that your inventory can become stranded on Amazon and the many ways you may need to implement to correct them. Keep in mind that you need to check for stranded inventory regularly. Those storage fees with no sales will eat your profit margins in no time.