Keep Your Amazon Account Running Smoothly: Skilled Management for Lasting Success.

Here you will find a detailed breakdown of the tasks we perform as part of our account maintenance services, based on the chosen service level.


Stranded Inventory

  • Work with you to create an SOP for stranded items
  • Review all stranded items and address issues based on your SOP (Price Alerts, Detail Page Removed, etc.)
  • Open cases for items that do not become un-stranded after correction
  • Create removal orders as necessary per your SOP


  • Reconcile discrepancies in the following reports:
    • Lost
    • Damaged
    • Disposed
    • Refunded items not returned
    • Exchanged items not returned
    • Refunds exceeding purchase price
    • Shipping Queue – An inventory reconciliation case will be opened for all overages and shortages on the 1st date allowed by Amazon.
  • Open cases for items that were identified with issues
  • Create a monthly report to be sent to you every 15th of the month detailing all of the work done on your account


  • Deleting old product listings per your specifications
  • Creating removal orders for older inventory per your specifications
  • Hiding restock recommendations from Amazon per your specifications
  • Upon receipt of images from you, we open cases for any returns you have received back that is not the original product, or in clothing and apparel items that have obviously been worn not just tried on
  • Opening cases for any items you receive back from Amazon as an excessive inventory removal that is no longer in sellable condition
  • Filing Safe-T-Claims
  • Additional tracking sheets as requested and Client requested specialized needs – May be available, all requests must be pre-approved and may incur additional fees.

5x a Week

  • Review Neutral and Negative feedback on you seller account
  • Respond to cases to prevent closure without response
  • Review Amazon created disposal orders and let you know that they have been created

Unfulfillable Inventory

  • Work with you to create an SOP for unfulfillable items
  • Create removal orders based on the SOP provided
  • Open cases for items that are unavailable for removal after 2 reviews to avoid Amazon initiated removal orders being created
  • Open cases for distributor, warehouse and carrier damaged items
  • Request bin checks for items marked as expired

Suppressed and Listing Enhancements

  • Review items on the Listing Enhancement page and Suppressed listings
  • Update all items with available inventory to include Amazon requested information
  • Research to find correct attributes. If we cannot find or is uncertain with the attribute, we reach out to you for verification
  • Open cases for items that did not reflect the corrections or was not removed from suppression

Shipping Queue

  • Work with you to create an SOP for shipping queue items
  • Reconcile shipments with overages and shortages
  • Resolve Shipment problems by informing you on the issue and you letting us know if we should acknowledge or appeal
  • Request documentation for discrepancies when requested by Amazon

Less Stress, More Success with our Amazon Account Maintenance