Multi-Platform Listings Subscription

Free Up Your Time by Letting us Create Your New Product Listings

We create listings for Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Walmart or Etsy. For Multichannel listing we are also familiar with Ecomdash and Sellbrite. We use the appropriate data for your product and work on creating the listing until it is live. Our Listing Packages are ideal for people that source via wholesale or arbitrage as this frees you up to spend your time sourcing.

How it works:

Our Listing Packages can be used for any marketplace or platform you sell on. One listing is equal to one product (SKU) in one store. This means that if you have the same product listed on three stores that you need three listings. But you don’t pay full price for subsequent platforms. Listings created on the first platform are at full price, however, adding those same listings to additional platforms are discounted to 50% off on each subsequent platform. All listings can be used in any combination at any time within one year from the purchase date.

Included Services:

  • Optimized product titles: we create the title by using each marketplaces’ recommendation
  • A complete description for your products to allow your buyers to make an informed decision
  • Bullet points with features and benefits, to ensure your listings stand out
  • For Amazon listings we research keywords and add them to the listings so your products get found
  • We always upload all listings to ensure they load error free
  • We’ll create your variation listings or add additional variations to existing products

Note: Image editing for your product photos to meet marketplace specifications is available through our Image Background Removal Packs.

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